Saturday, March 17, 2012

Is this really what america is like ♡

Mood: Eh, could be better =^.^=
Snacking on: Starburst jelly beans I will soon regret.
Reading: Nothing??? But im re-watching arrested development.
 Whats going on now: Im leaving for disney on thursday and doing a bunch of stuff in florida. Other than that thats all. Im not excited for the days ahead but its alright. 
Something I want: A miu miu dress, a wildfox sweater, or a wlidfox shirt.

Well I lost 5 lbs again and I still have to lose 10 ish. I haven't been eating much because i've been sick so its been nice.

Monday, February 27, 2012


So I have a lot of blogs. Like a crazy amount. I never update any of them and I'd like to change that. Starting with this one, that I titled readafuckingbook for  reasons undetermined. I guess I wanted to be a book reviewer. But I dont, I hate reviewing things in all honesty, we all have different opinions so why should you listen to mine?? Anyway for starters I guess I could talk about books. I try to read as many books as possible in a month but im just stuck on this one book "Looking for alaska".
 Overall its good, but like its sooooooooo droned out. and I totally hate alaska.  Like stop being such a whore. Pudge is nice, but a whimp. I already read the last pages since I do that with every book because I hate surprises. Its okay I mean the ending was a bit of a surprise but thats all.
God I suck at reviews.
Anyway, I bought some things from last week and they all seemed to come today.

both from: catslittlecorner

I fell in love with the dresses immediately and made looks of them on lookbook already. The earrings from imyourpresent on the other hand, came broken. I was of course majorly disappointed and still haven't been messaged back. ((sigh)) The soap smells delicious  but I haven't had a chance to use it yet.
Now last but not least, I cut my hair! Im actually really sick right now so i'd rather not show my face but yeah, its like a typical bob. I look like a small child even more now haha.
But whatever it'll grow back, now enjoy this girly gif.

kisses, hugs and major stabbings to the back fellow lonely souls.